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NPR Announces Opening of Mexico Offices

January 2, 2003

Our Mexico office is located in Saltillo, Coahuila. Known as the “Athens of Mexico”, present-day Saltillo is a city of non-stop development, with more than twelve universities and centers of higher learning, a large auto industry and related supply chains, as well as business in the textile, chemical and metallurgical industries. The state of Coahuila has earned a reputation on the national and world level for its enterprising and friendly people who have succeeded in making their mark in industry and commerce.

Mexico is a country full of natural resources and economic opportunity. In recent years, companies from the United States have begun enjoying the prosperity that Mexico has to offer. As a result, trade across the Mexican-U.S. border is at an all time high.

Sadly, some of these foreign companies have injured the people and businesses of Mexico. And, it is very important for those companies to accept responsibility for their actions. A just society requires corporate responsibility. Our goal is to assist in making the United States legal system available to the residents of Mexico and serving as a gateway to the U.S. legal system.