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NPR Wins $800,000.00 nursing home negligence verdict

May 12, 2006

On Friday, May 12, 2006 a jury verdict of $800,000 was returned in favor of the Plaintiff in the case of Washington v. Nexion Health, Inc. tried in the 26th Judicial District Court, Minden, Louisiana. The jury found that Meadowview Health and Rehabilitation Center, owned and operated by Nexion Health, Inc., committed medical malpractice in its care and treatment of Odessa Washington resulting in the needless development of a large pressure sore on her right hip and dehydration. The jury also found Meadowview responsible for repeated violation of Odessa Washington's right to a dignified existence by leaving her in her own waste for extended periods of time. The jury awarded $400,000 on the medical malpractice claim and $400,000 under the Louisiana Nursing Home Resident's Bill of Rights claim. It is believed that after costs and fees are assessed as allowed by law, the verdict will near the one million dollar mark. NPR is proud of the verdict in favor of the Washington family. The NPR trial team consisted of Brady Paddock, Chris Johnson and Kim Ramsey.