Firm Facilities

To achieve the best results in today’s legal environment, a Plaintiff’s law firm must have the ability to stand toe to toe with the biggest and most powerful corporations in the world. A firm must have the ability to withstand long and expensive litigation. A firm must be able to find key evidence and contact witnesses no matter where they are located. A firm must be able to work with leading expert witnesses in whatever field necessary to win a case. A firm must be able to file a case and prosecute it anywhere in the country. And, a firm must have the technology to bring a case to life for a jury. At Nix, Patterson & Roach, L.L.P., we have the resources and technology necessary to achieve all of these things and more. We currently have offices in Daingerfield, Texas;  Texarkana, Texas; Austin, Texas; and Dallas, Texas. 

Between our four offices, we maintain a support staff of over 50 employees trained to help us successfully prosecute your case. Our support staff consists of nurses, paralegals, caseworkers, secretaries and consultants.

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In today’s world, valuable time can be lost due to the long delays associated with commercial travel. We maintain a fleet of three aircraft and a staff of full-time pilots prepared to take us anywhere on a moment’s notice. When we discover a key piece of evidence or an important witness, we need to get there immediately. While most attorneys are waiting in line at the airport, we have the ability to get there fast and get there first. No evidence, no witness, and no venue is beyond our reach. This gives you a tremendous advantage in your case, and it gives us more time to work for you, not waste time at the airport.

On-Site Warehouse
We maintain an on-site, climate controlled warehouse on our premises in which we store evidence and models for our cases. If you are injured in an accident, one of the most important keys to winning your case is to make sure all of the evidence is recovered, studied, and preserved. With our on-site warehouse, we are able to bring the evidence to our facilities so that it is safe and sound and so that we can study it, test it, and have access to it no matter what time of day or night.

Our success over the past 40 years has enabled us to obtain the resources and facilities we need to win your case. We have the experience, staff, facilities, and financial resources necessary to prosecute your case against the biggest and most powerful corporations in the country. We will prosecute your case anywhere in the country.