Products Liability

Automotive and Defective Tire Products Litigation

Automobiles are a necessary part of our lives. Unfortunately, many automobiles are defectively designed or manufactured. Sometimes this is simply the result of a one-time mistake by the automobile manufacture. Many times, however, a defective automobile is the result of a corporate-wide decision to put profits ahead of safety. There are even times when the manufacturer could have made a product safer by spending little more than a dollar on a safer design or part.

Nix, Patterson & Roach, L.L.P. has been at the forefront of automobile products litigation in the State of Texas and the entire nation. The Firm has successfully prosecuted countless cases involving defective automobiles such as: Ford Explorer litigation, Ford Bronco II litigation, Suzuki Samari litigation, Jeep litigation, defective tires and tire tread separation, fifteen passenger van litigation, defective airbags, defective seat belts, defective roof and roof crush, vehicle rollovers due to inherent vehicle instability, and other types of defective vehicle component parts.

General Products Litigation

We also continue to represent injured persons in cases resulting from defects in general product types. Over the years, we have prosecuted products cases involving a wide-range of consumer and commercial products, from exploding gas tanks to defective heavy machinery.

Through our work in the area of general product defect litigation, as well as automotive and defective tire products litigation, we have recovered over a hundred million dollars for our deceased and injured clients and their families. We also have helped our clients and their families force the manufacturers of these defective products to implement design and manufacturing changes to make their products safer. In order to protect the privacy of our clients, the identities of our clients and the results of many of our products liability cases must be kept confidential.


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